New Semester!

This week at Joshua was eventful! I worked in Activities for the first time this winter! I have never experienced Winter Camp before so it was a cool experience! I worked in Reball which is like paintball/airsoft game in which we set up the arena and we got to get to know the game using paintball guns! Kylie Malia and I were refs and that was fun interacting with the campers and getting to know how camp is going for them! 

We also did the Boxsled Blitz which is where campers can make sleds out of duck tape and cardboard and sled them down the Tube Run! Our job was that we took the boxes and threw them into the trash truck. It was exhausting but super super fun! It also snowed very hard that night so that was a new experience for a California girl like me. 

The rest of the weekend was super chill! I got to bond with friends and get some rest before the week ahead!

The week was great, we had speaker Doug Axe! He’s a professor at Biola and He spoke about Darwinism and how the very existence of God is evident in every part of nature and life. It was really inspiring to hear and see. I love Biology and the way life works so that was really cool to hear how everything is all connected to our Maker. 

We also were introduced to our new classes, Foundations of Christian Thought and New Testament! That was super cool to see what we will be learning and how it will apply to our lives and what we will be doing this semester. The Gospels are so life giving so I’m excited to see how the assignments will help me dive deeper into the Word. I am excited to see what this semester brings not only for me but for my Joshua brothers and sisters. 

I think we’re all excited to see what the Lord is going to do this semester! I ask you keep us in prayers as we prepare for trips to show Gods love to others and to serve them well! 

New semester… LETS GOOO 🙂 

-Mary Getty (Current Student)

Welcome back to the Joshua blog!

After a couple weeks of Christmas break spent with family and friends away from the building, it’s exciting to be back with friends going through the same unique experience as us as well as a couple newcomers during the first preview week of the season. We got to meet and host six guys interested in learning more about Joshua, and it was fun to see the program through their eyes as we took them into our book discussions, broom hockey battles, late-night games, and speakers sessions. I was impressed by their amount of participation in a completely new environment and the insights they brought through questions about wisdom literature in our Biblical Interpretation and Spiritual Formation class and Darwinism during speaker. 

Speaking of speaker sessions, our lecturer this week was an honors biology professor named Doug Axe, who worked on finding the mathematical probability of Darwin’s theory by using mutations in proteins and other high-level experiments to determine that Darwinism is fantastically improbable. He also took us through the mind-bending journey of determining whether or not brains think. It turns out that our minds think, but the organ that is the brain doesn’t think, proving that our bodies are not merely material but also immaterial, a fact that is obvious to most Christians. Despite the intimidating fact that he worked on post-doctoral work at Cambridge University and could explain almost every scientific concept we threw at him, he was extremely down to earth and involved with us throughout the whole week he was here. He took off-roading to “Doug’s Donut Shop” to do donuts and plow through snow banks in his tricked-out 2021 Jeep Rubicon while playing Vida la Vida on full volume with the top down. It was as cool as it sounds. He also took people to the gym, ate meals with us, and made an effort to know each of our names by making coded flashcards in the weeks before he came. 

We ended the week by exploring all the wonders of God’s creation and the beauty and artistry on display from the cosmic to the molecular level. Even beautiful human inventions reflect God’s wonder by fulfilling a purpose God made us for. From cathedrals to cheetahs to jellyfish to geometry, God’s inspiration is woven into the fabric of life and only those who deeply suppress the truth and blind themselves by biases will be able to ignore its majesty.  

– Ruth Visser (Current Student)

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