We’ve Made It to the DR

Today is our first day together as a class in the Dominican Republic! We took two flights to get here, from LAX to Newark, New Jersey, to Santiago, Dominican Republic. We arrived in the Dominican at 2 pm (10 am California time), we were greeted by some of the students international team then took an hour long bus ride to the site where we’re staying during this trip. After we arrived we got settled into our rooms and then went to dinner, we had some amazing spaghetti and garlic bread. After dinner, we just had some free time to ourselves. This morning, we woke up and got to have a mini sermon from the campus’s Director, Eric. He told us a few stories, and his main point he ended on was that we’re all following something, but do you know who you’re following? Then we broke off until lunch. We got to meet our site leader, and we enjoyed a meal of Mac & cheese, salad, and fresh fruit. Then we headed off to our sites; I’m at Genesis with Jerry and Carissa, which is their Special Education site. We met a few of the Teachers who work at the school with the kids and then Jerry Took us downtown and bought Alex and me ice cream from a stand, and we sat at a park and talked about the culture and things in the DR. It’s been such a blessing so far to get to be here in the Dominican with my Joshua Family. Thank you for everyone’s prayers for us!!! Until Next time!
– Emalee Reynoso (Current Student)

Hey guys! Remember Monday? I can’t. Monday for me started on Sunday. It all started when we left the building at 9:20 am Sunday. On our way to the Dominican Republic, we first headed to LAX to catch a flight to Newark NJ.

To be honest, that flight was one of the hardest plane flights that I have ever been on. We took off at 11:50 pm and landed in the shadows of New York City at 7:30 am on Monday. Guess how long I slept… Nothing. That’s okay though, Cassidy, our staff member, provided me the best stuffed bear to help me sleep on the next flight to Santiago, DR. 

After eating breakfast and much needed sleep in the plane, we had landed in the Dominican Republic! When we landed I was confused as to why everyone started clapping. Apparently, that is a Dominican tradition and we shouldn’t steal it. I have never been outside of the United States before, so seeing this new atmosphere and culture was all very new to me. 

Once we arrived and grabbed our bags, we all packed into buses and embarked on an hour drive to the Students International site in Jarabacoa. They invited us into cabins and will be feeding us at the base. The SI staff play such an influential role in the community here. 

For the next two weeks, I will be playing my favorite sport, Baseball with Dominican kids! I’m ready for them to absolutely school me on the field. Anyways, by the time you’re reading this, I will probably throwing the ball around and serving the community. Thank you all for reading! Bye!!!

-Ethan Carpenter (Current Student)

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