Valentine’s Week

Hello everyone! This week for me has been so much fun!!! One special highlight was Valentine’s Day!

For Valentine’s Day, the guys decided to decorate the dining hall and serve the ladies waffles! We stayed up pretty late and had some surprise spoiling scares, but in the end it turned out to be a sweet gift for the Ladies. 

Along with Valentine’s Day to mark this week was Philippians 3 testing! It is incredible to think that in the beginning of the year I thought memorizing was going to be a tall order. However, I am almost to the end of the book and I am feeling great about finishing! Philippians can be a stressful part about Joshua, but if you are consistent and don’t procrastinate to the last minute, you will be totally fine! 

With about 3 months of Joshua left in the books, the end is starting to become more and more real. For those of you reading this who are looking to join Joshua, 9 months go by so fast! Don’t take any time for granted. For those of you currently in Joshua reading this, I can’t wait for these next few months to spend time with y’all, going on trips and communing with y’all! I love you guys! 

Until next time, blog! See ya!

– Ethan Carpenter (Current Student)

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