Christmas is Coming!

This week was a good week! We had a speaker who knew a lot about C.S. Lewis. Luckily we are reading Mere Christianity right now so we got him to come to my group’s book discussion and he talked about the whole book. There were some things that he didn’t agree with C.S. Lewis. For example, C.S. Lewis says, “A Christian can lose the Christ-life which has been put into him, and he has to

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First Week Back!

“You have nothing to prove, nothing to hide, and nobody to impress.” – Cory Fenn, our speaker for this week, summed up the truth of our freedom in Christ in that simple sentence. His series titled “Wisdom for Joshua” challenged us all to become further set on pursuing a deep and intimate relationship with the Lord while we have the blessing of being in the program and beyond. This week has been a neat opportunity

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Last Week Before Break!

Last week before Thanksgiving! Each day seems longer and longer with the early sunset and the anxious anticipation of seeing our families and friends back home. With this anticipation comes the first real trial with the Joshua Fast for most people. We’re tasked with the awkward goal of walking out of a room once a movie is put on, silently bearing the pain of listening to our siblings’ terrible music taste, and facing the stumbling

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Nothing Short of Fun

Hiii guys! It’s Mary! This week at the Joshua Wilderness Institute was nothing short of fun, emotional, cool, and full of God’s hand constantly working personally in my life.  We started out the week with Old Testament and Theology, one of our Theology professors being our speaker, Aaron Logan!  Aaron Logan, this week was amazing! He taught in Philippians, which was fitting because we are memorizing Philippians! We actually just finished our testing for Philippians

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A Rollercoaster of Emotions

This week can best be described as a roller coaster of emotions. The week started as normal as any week, with classes and casual building shenanigans. This week our speaker was Casey Groves and he brought a much-needed lightheartedness to the Joshua building. Casey spoke on the three main functions that God made us as humans for: eating, procreating, and ruling the world. Casey also brought unique changes to our normally scheduled activities, like new

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“Rejoice in the Valley”

Three words to describe this week are unpleasant, heartbreaking, and emotional. Unfortunately, as a JWI student, I would love to write about how every week is the best week ever. However, the reality is that the bad weeks will come. The good news though, is that communities grow exponentially in the valleys. As Brian Holland, who is our speaker, expressed this week, “Rejoice in the valleys, for that is where you will grow; the mounts

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