Israel Update!

Hey guys, I am so happy that I can tell you a little bit about my trip in Israel!  This trip is so cool to go to the places where our God actually stepped foot on! I will tell you 3 places in Israel that I have loved going to so far. The first place that has been my favorite that we went to has been the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea has been something

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Israel pt. 1

Hello from the Promised Land!!! We are on day 3 of our Israel trip and it has been incredible. We have been riding camels, floating in the Dead Sea, hiking Masada, exploring underground cities at Bet Guvrin picturing David & Goliath fighting from the top of Azekah, and wandering in the Wilderness of Zin… And it’s only day three!!! We are so excited and thankful to be here safely, our traveling went well, and we’ve

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A Tough Week

This week was a rough week at the Joshua building. While we have had lots of fun, laughter, and joy in the building, we also have had deep sorrows and suffering. It was a week of the latter, unfortunately. This week five of our Joshua brothers and sisters were removed from the program. We are deeply grieved and even coming to write this post I found myself at a loss for words. We cherish the

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Back to the 50’s

Hey Hey Hey, it has been so long since I have written a blog post and I am so excited to write about this week. It’s kind of scary to me that we only have 2 months of JWI left and then the Joshua class of 2022-2023 will be out of the building starting their own life’s, building new friendships and seeing where God takes them. It’s not over yet though and it is my

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Another Week in the Building

This week had one of the most average schedules we have had in Joshua, which I think is saying a lot about the way our schedule is constantly changing (in the best way possible). On Monday, we had a day of rest to recuperate from our trip to LA and to prepare for the week ahead. We had Josh and Annette with Jews for Jesus as our speakers this week, starting on Monday. I really

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It’s been a long week in LA, but definitely one of the best weeks yet!! We arrived in Los Angeles on Monday and we hit the ground running. It’s so hard to explain everything we did because we were busy all day every day so I’ll keep it short. We did a lot of evangelizing, serving, site seeing, learning about worldviews, meeting people, talking about Jesus, walking, laughing, and just getting to see a whole

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