Headed to the DR!

Hey guys! This week, we have been preparing for our first international trip: the Dominican Republic (DR)! This Sunday, we’re flying out to serve alongside full-time Students International (SI) staff in Jarabacoa. I will be serving on the Applied Technologies team, working to create better water treatment so that people can have safe, clean water to drink! I expect it to be a lot of hard, manual labor, but I am so grateful to have

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New Semester!

This week at Joshua was eventful! I worked in Activities for the first time this winter! I have never experienced Winter Camp before so it was a cool experience! I worked in Reball which is like paintball/airsoft game in which we set up the arena and we got to get to know the game using paintball guns! Kylie Malia and I were refs and that was fun interacting with the campers and getting to know

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Final Week Before Break!

Yo dudes! I’m back at it again, bringing some updates from Joshua this week. Honestly, this week has been pretty normal; classes have been great, dinners have been good, and God is always good. We have been super blessed to have Jon Noyes as our speaker for this week. He’s a big apologetics guy, and the thing that I love the most about him is that he’s real, bold, and he has the same joking

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Christmas Break on the Horizon

Hey y’all, its Kylie Malia! Sadly, this week me and my roommate, Ruth, traded off being sick. We came out from a long weekend of working down at main camp, so the start of this week was rough for her, but then I caught it too. As someone who is an extrovert, I never really liked the thought of being sick and missing out. Whether that’s in classes or in conversations. This time around, I

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Christmas is Coming!

This week was a good week! We had a speaker who knew a lot about C.S. Lewis. Luckily we are reading Mere Christianity right now so we got him to come to my group’s book discussion and he talked about the whole book. There were some things that he didn’t agree with C.S. Lewis. For example, C.S. Lewis says, “A Christian can lose the Christ-life which has been put into him, and he has to

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First Week Back!

“You have nothing to prove, nothing to hide, and nobody to impress.” – Cory Fenn, our speaker for this week, summed up the truth of our freedom in Christ in that simple sentence. His series titled “Wisdom for Joshua” challenged us all to become further set on pursuing a deep and intimate relationship with the Lord while we have the blessing of being in the program and beyond. This week has been a neat opportunity

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