DR Update #3


Today was out first full day at our ministry sites and it was a blast. I’m at the dentistry site and got to hop in, learning on the go, as a dental assistant. It was lovely to witness Dr.Vanessa’s Christ like love, care and hospitality for her patients and get to hear stories of how God is moving in their community. I also got to eat lunch with some of my JWI siblings who were at the physical therapy site and it was sweet to get to hear about their experience on site thus far.

When we returned to the base, we had free time till dinner, which I used to catch up with my JWI siblings and play a board game inside since it was raining. 

For dinner, we had a delicious Dominican stew with rice, and my evening ended with van small groups and games. All in all it was a fun-filled day and I feel blessed to be here.

That’s all for now! 

-Natalie Dien (Current Student)


Today is our 4th day in the Dominican Republic and it’s been such a blessing thus far.  Been in Genesis with the students, and today, I spent my time in the kindergarten classroom. It’s so special being able to play with the kiddos and trying to communicate with them as much as possible.

For our extra activity today, we shared testimonies in a group with our S.I. Site leader, Kalisa, and our genesis leader Jeffery. It was so cool getting to hear what it was like for Jeffrey to grow up in the D.R. and just learning so much about Dominican culture is so interesting.

The food has been so amazing, and overall, as a group, we’re having such an amazing time!!! Thank you for all the prayers for us as we’re here. 🙂 Adios! 

– Emalee Reynoso (Current Student)

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