Valentine’s Week

Hello everyone! This week for me has been so much fun!!! One special highlight was Valentine’s Day! For Valentine’s Day, the guys decided to decorate the dining hall and serve the ladies waffles! We stayed up pretty late and had some surprise spoiling scares, but in the end it turned out to be a sweet gift for the Ladies.  Along with Valentine’s Day to mark this week was Philippians 3 testing! It is incredible to

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DR Update #5

Hey guys, this past week in the DR has been a blast! I’ve had the opportunity to work with special ed kids these past two weeks. During school hours, I get to help in the classes.  In the classes, I help the kids with writing and math. During recess, we played zombie tag and basketball. Then, after school was over, we painted the play structure and helped do work for the teachers. We then returned

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DR Update #4

Today was an awesome day. I am on the men’s sports team, and on Fridays, our team lead, Dave, goes to the player’s teachers and checks their grades to make sure they are doing well in school. While Dave checked in with the teachers, my teammates and I played basketball and volleyball with the students and some of our players. It was an awesome experience to see the players at school and how excited they

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DR Update #3

Howdy! Today was out first full day at our ministry sites and it was a blast. I’m at the dentistry site and got to hop in, learning on the go, as a dental assistant. It was lovely to witness Dr.Vanessa’s Christ like love, care and hospitality for her patients and get to hear stories of how God is moving in their community. I also got to eat lunch with some of my JWI siblings who

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DR Update #2

  Hello everyone! The first full day in the DR has been such a blast! I am working in the Appropriate Technology site, and I got to meet my leaders during lunch today. They are some of the coolest people that I have ever met! During my time here, we will be installing water filtration systems in the community around us. I am so excited to see what God is going to be doing while

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We’ve Made It to the DR

Hello!!!  Today is our first day together as a class in the Dominican Republic! We took two flights to get here, from LAX to Newark, New Jersey, to Santiago, Dominican Republic. We arrived in the Dominican at 2 pm (10 am California time), we were greeted by some of the students international team then took an hour long bus ride to the site where we’re staying during this trip. After we arrived we got settled

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