Turkey Day 9

If I could describe my time in Turkey in one sentence, it would be “What is my Jesus and?” As we go to different sites and see these monumental statues and temples dedicated to the gods and goddesses of the time. I wonder what are my temples to idols in my life? What is something that distracts me from Jesus? Today during her farewell speech, Jen gave a great story from the Odyssey. About the

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Turkey Day 8

“Wow! Where am I?” I have asked myself this question at every turn. Preparing for this trip, I couldn’t wait for the day we arrived in Ephesus!It is wild to think I am in the location where Paul walked, talked, and shared the gospel. It was the best time to explore this ancient city. Compared to the other sites, this city was so crowded. It felt like an ancient Disneyland. While we were in Ephesus,

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Turkey Day 7

Turkey day 7! Although biblical sites, history lessons, and Roman ruins are mind-blowing and impactful to gain context for the Bible, taking a break today to see a cultural treasure was an amazing experience; we got to see how authentic Turkish rugs are made! As we pulled up to the carpet cooperation between over 100 villages and 2000 workers, mainly women, we stepped into an important pillar in Turkish culture. These rugs were used by

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Turkey Day 6

Hey everyone! I’m super stoked I have the opportunity to tell you what’s been going on in our trip to turkey! First things first though the food has been amazing, the sights are incredible, and the people are wonderful. Today we went to a couple of temples and a gymnasium. One of phrases from Dallas message really got me he said “Wake up you’re not dead”. I’m not dead to sin anymore, I’m alive in Christ.

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Turkey Day 5

Hey guys, Mary here again! Day 5 of Turkey was a blast. We started out our day with a drive of an hour and a half to the city of Aphrodisias, dedicated to Aphrodite. The bus ride was full of conversations and fun like always, and it filled my cup. As we arrived at the site, we were greeted with puppies and some cats! One of my favorite things about these places, obviously, besides the

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Turkey Day 4

Day 4 of Turkey,  Hierapolis, Colossae, + Laodicea Imagine going to three cities… in a day… but we did that! Hey guys! It’s Mary here! It was day 4 in Turkey today and it was full of adventure. We started out our day on an HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE! We woke up at 5am and left for the field we would take off from! We got there and seeing the balloons start to take off

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